Quartzite Processing Inc.
Quartzite Processing Inc.

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Over 50 Years in the business

Post WWII: Technical Ceramics and Ferrites

Quartzite's history begins alongside the birth of ferrites and technical ceramics in the mid-1950s. Manufacturers of various industries were beginning to create various new post-war materials, the hardness of which exceeded steel.

Consequently, such materials proved extremely difficult to process and modify to the exacting needs of engineers and manufacturers.

Enter Quartzite.

Note that even today, your average machine shop just isn't equipped to handle such specialized processing of materials of unusual hardness.

Quartzite was there to fill this niche, and industry leaders have continued to depend our service for over 50 years.

Early Satellite CommunicationsTelstar: Early Satellite Communications

It comes as no surprise that the Bell Telephone System came to Quartzite back in 1962 to process materials vital to the manufacture of Telstar, the first satellite capable of cross-ocean relay of telephone calls, TV and data messages.

1962: Quartzite helps further the growing satellite industry

Quartzite Today

The need for ceramic and material processing have changed, with even more advanced materials being produced daily.

The manufacture of modern radar antennas, microwave devices, and wireless telecommunication devices call for even more demanding standards of precision in ceramic processing.

Quartzite has been there to meet this global demand, and it comes as no wonder that key commercial and military contractors continue to depend on Quartzite's high level of quality.

Family owned and operated for three generations, Quartzite continues to meet the needs of businesses both big and small.