Quartzite Processing Inc.
Quartzite Processing Inc.

Quartz •  Ferrite •  Alumina • Silicon Carbide

Garnet • Glass • Polyiron • Microwave Dielectrics

Ruby • Steatite • Sapphire • Silicon Nitride

Ship To Stock100% Quality + 100% On Time = "Ship-To-Stock"

So maybe your business directly manufactures or procures parts that
are used to create highly technical devices.

There's zero room for rejection, and you need to be able to be put
these parts into service directly after receiving them.

What Does It Mean?

"Ship-to-Stock" means: Items ready to ship are ready to be put directly into use, without requiring the need for costly additional in-house inspection.

At Quartzite, "Ship-to-Stock" is our specialty. We will process your parts to your exacting standards, with superb quality control.

We've been lauded by various industry leaders for decades, and have received countless awards for our dependability and timeliness.

After all, could you imagine the cost to recall one of your mission-critical devices?

Sure, it would cost a fortune. But the tarnish on your reputation would cost even more.

So why put your business at stake with another firm? Let Quartzite be your "Ship-to-Stock" leader. You can count on us.