Quartzite Processing Inc.
Quartzite Processing Inc.

Quartz •  Ferrite •  Alumina • Silicon Carbide

Garnet • Glass • Polyiron • Microwave Dielectrics

Ruby • Steatite • Sapphire • Silicon Nitride

What We Do

In short, we're leaders in precision ceramic grinding.

Materials that require diamond tooling call for a high degree of skill, facilities geared to accuracy and thorough knowledge of the
particular material.

At Quartzite, you’ll find specialists who devote themselves
exclusively to fabricating and finishing hard materials.

Skilled craftsmen with years of specialized knowledge and understanding machine all parts to specified tolerances. At Quartzite, we're confident that we offer a far more cost-effective and low-risk solution than outsourced competition overseas.

So when the success of your business depends on the ultimate in quality control, precision, timeliness, and service, you can trust your ceramic processing needs to Quartzite.

We think that you'll be pleasantly surprised, while still being able to meet your bottom line.

Brian Yanofsky | President | Quartzite Processing Inc.

The Quartzite Difference!

We stock many materials to allow exceptionally fast turn-around time.

We're both ISO 9001:2015 compliant and ITAR certified.

We're a family owned business, offering three generations of quality and expertise.

Most jobs are completed and shipped within one week or less.

We manufacture quality custom prototypes both quickly and affordably.

"Ship-to-Stock" and "Just-In-Time Delivery" are our specialties.

We've been supplying quality products to military and commercial customers for over 65 years.

Small or large quantities are manufactured to meet your delivery requirements.

We hold numerous "Outstanding Supplier”, "Zero Defects", and “Vendor of the Year” awards.

We love what we do!