Quartzite Processing Inc.
Quartzite Processing Inc.

Quartz •  Ferrite •  Alumina • Silicon Carbide

Garnet • Glass • Polyiron • Microwave Dielectrics

Ruby • Steatite • Sapphire • Silicon Nitride

Rotating Grinders

Quartzite Quality!

The Q Trademark symbolizes Quartzite Quality! We have a complete facility geared to precision fabricating and finishing of machined parts from hard, high density and high temperature materials.

We machine all materials that require diamond tooling such as quartz, ferrites, aluminum oxide, garnets, carborundum, glass, germanium, silicon, and ceramics.

We're specialists in helping you fabricate and finish your parts, especially the following items: circulators, isolators, microwave dielectrics, load materials, wave-guide windows, terminator loads, and insulators.

"State-of-the-Art" Facilities

The finest available machinery and tooling are used at Quartzite. As new grinders and other equipment are designed, Quartzite eagerly adds to its list of precision facilities.

You can depend on the maximum in modern tooling from Quartzite because our prime policy is to keep our shop as modern as proven methods and machines allow.

We Speak Your Language

When it comes to cross-industry exposure, here at Quartzite we speak your language.

We've been working with customers in all different types of industries for decades.

By continuing to keep abreast of developing industries, we can better serve your needs because we know where you're coming from. That's the Quartzite difference.

Prototype or Production

Prototype or production, every job is treated with equal care. No job is too large or too small to demand expert handling to the point of inspection and final delivery.

You profit from Quartzite standards of perfection, because they are built into a self-contained production line of accuracy. The result is precision on a high-speed level at the greatest economy.


Materials that require diamond tooling call for a high degree of skill, facilities geared to accuracy, and a thorough knowledge of the particular material.

At Quartzite you will find specialists who devote themselves exclusively to fabricating and finishing hard materials.

Skilled craftsmen with years of specialized knowledge and understanding do all machining to close tolerances with precision grinders.